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by Jeremy Turner on October 02, 2021

Looking to have a 6 figure career, but no degree and frankly don’t care to get a degree? Don't worry; creating a career without a degree is still possible and for a large percent of the US population this is the path you should take to earning 6 figures in your 20’s. Regardless of your previous work experience, the construction industry offers a wide range of roles and opportunities that you could fit in.


There is nothing sweeter as earning a six-figure salary in the world today. It implies earning at least $100,000 annually or more. Earning a six-figure salary is the ultimate goal for most people, as monetary compensation is essential when applying for a job. Jobs that will:

  • Pay well
  • Give reward and meaning
  • Provide work life balance


Trying A Job In a Trade

Jobs in Trades are always available to people without a college degree. In our opinion life in a cubicle sucks pick a trade! You can enjoy your monthly subscription of Dark Horse Coffee Company breakfast blend coffee from a scenic view!  Even if you do not have any formal education, you can still work become highly successful as a tradesmen working in the construction industry as long as you have passion, grit, patience and are driven to become great. To become a 6 figure earner and get certified Blue Collar, you can try to:


Apply for Apprenticeship

You can apply for a trade apprenticeship if you have a specific job in mind you would like to pursue. These programs combine on-the-job training with classroom study. Starting as a apprentice has many advantages, including:

  • Earning money while learning 
  • Practical experience
  • Earning Certifications
  • Incremental automatic pay increases based on skill level acquired
  • Mentorship and life training

It means you won't have to deal with any student loans in the future. Stating your life a 100k down just doesn’t make economic sense. Earn while you learn, invest early to create generational wealth and opportunities to own your own company in the future. Check out more tips on applying for apprenticeships in various the US and research for employers who offer Jobs after completing their apprenticeship program.


On the Job Training

As the name implies, on-the-job training can help secure a construction job; while pursuing a degree, you hold down a position and supplement your income. You can learn a lot about construction through a professional in the field. This type of work experience is completely free. The opportunity to network in the industry is enormous. Relationship capital is the new money for today’s professionals. The skills you gain from work experience can be added to your resume. It's one of the great ways to launch into the construction industry without a degree, and your experience may luckily get you 6 figure salary in return.


Do not forget that work experience on a construction site is the fastest way to begin training for many roles. Just start, Progress over perfection.


If your ass is sitting on the couch not making any money, earning a  - $15 - $20 per hour as a simple labor gets forward motion going. Forward motion creates positive thinking. This is a proven scientific fact.


“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr


Checklist for potentially earning 6 figures or more -  be experienced, skillful, proficient, and gain respect of other professionals with a good reputation in your specific trade. Your employer will ultimately consider your skills and experience, he can compensate you with the opportunity. You can still make six figures or more if you have the quality skills and experience.