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Breakfast Blend
Breakfast Blend

    Breakfast Blend Coffee | Medium Roast

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    All the best starts with a good breakfast, and nothing will get your day going better than a cup of our Breakfast Blend.  It's perfect for waking up in the morning with its bright aroma and lively taste. But balance is important and you can never have too much of a good thing, so get a bigger bag to share with the rest of your family or subscribe to our 4 am coffee club.

    Our fall in love coffee has bright and lively notes that will help you spring out of bed in the morning. Take your first sip and you'll see why this is our most popular roast. It bursts with flavor, but it's light enough that you can drink it all day long.

    TASTE PROFILE: This blend is a lively and lighter roast with a crisp finish and a subtle sweetness. It's delicious straight up, but is also perfect for making pour-over coffee or espresso drinks. Our Breakfast Blend Coffee is a must-try for anyone who likes a lighter but flavorful morning cup. This blend will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle anything your day throws at you.

    ROAST LEVEL: Medium Roast


    Brew up and pour yourself a cup of our Breakfast Blend to kick-start your day. Dark Horse Coffee's Breakfast Blend is anything but light when it comes to its rich flavor. Our coffee is gently roasted to illuminate its true brightness and underscore its subtle sweetness.

    The resulting cup of coffee is less acidic and tart than other coffee blends. Our unique brew is a shade lighter than most medium roasts. It's easy to drink and even easier to love. It's the true Breakfast of Champions, for well, a Champion like you.

    Whole bean, bagged for your convenience, our Breakfast Blend is also available in roasted ground coffee premium quality. Whether you're brewing with our K Cups, an Espresso Maker , or pour-over method, grind up some of our beans and brew yourself a cup of deliciousness.

    Dark Horse Coffee has been masterfully blending premium coffee. We are proud to bring you some of the finest gourmet coffee blends on the market. Our small-batch, expertly roasted beans are tasty and exceptionally smooth, allowing you to savor each cup from first sip to last swallow.

    We're also proud that each of our roasts are ethically sourced.


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