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Colombian Blend
Colombian Blend

    Colombian Blend Coffee

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    Our carefully selected supremo beans are roasted to perfection just for you. We've partnered up with some of Colombia's top producers to bring this perfect coffee to you.

    The beans we use are grown in the nutrient-rich soil of Colombia and can be found across a range of altitudes, adding a new depth to your cup. This light and fruity flavor is enhanced by the natural climate, which means it's got an acidic, citrusy quality that only Colombian beans can master. 

    With notes of tropical fruit, red berries, apples, chocolate and caramel, Colombian coffee has the full package.

    We've combined these high-quality beans with a filter that keeps the beans from breaking during your brew so all you'll get is pure perfection in every cup.

    What does our colombian blend coffee taste like?

    TASTE PROFILE: Bright acidity, sweet-toned, rich coffee flavor with a heady aroma.

    COFFEE ORIGIN: 100% Arabica - Organic Single Origin Colombian Supremo (extra large-sized coffee beans for maximum flavor). Colombia is best known for its coffee, and for good reason. Colombia has a long history of coffee production and has earned a reputation for having some of the best producers in the world. In areas like Antioquia, Caldas, Tolima, and Huila where the altitude is at the perfect level to produce top-notch beans, small farms produce a high-quality product each and every time. 

    The traditional growing methods have been passed down from generation to generation. At many farms in Antioquia, farmers will harvest the coffee at peak quality and then immediately begin the drying process. The beans are transported to the town of Caldas, where they are washed and further dried. Then, the beans are taken to a roaster for roasting.

    Folklore suggests that these small farms produce world-class coffee because of their deep cultural history.


    ROAST LEVEL: Dark Roast


    Colombian Supremo coffee is a classic artisan roast that gives you the power to conquer your day. Its unique supremo bean is larger than ordinary excelso varieties. The size of the bean provides a full-bodied character making for a bold, tangy taste. Our quality, freshly roasted supremo beans are a perfect balance of caramel sweetness with notes of mellow acidity and subtle hints of nutty undertones rounding out its palatable flavor. Start your day off right with a flight of energy.

    We offer access to the highest-quality Colombian coffee you can find — straight from the farm to your kitchen. Colombian coffee is some of the best, most flavorful coffee in the world, which is why it has become so popular in recent years. Our difference is that we give you direct access to our producers. We offer a wide range of different products from whole bean coffee and ground coffee.

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