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    Crank (higher caffeine coffee): 12 ounces

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    Are you looking for a higher caffeine coffee?

    Look no further! Sometimes you just need a kick in the pants. You reach, bleary-eyed, for a mug of your favorite brew, hoping a strong dose of coffee will start your morning or get you through a long afternoon. But what if it doesn't? What if the only result is that you wake up even more tired and cranky when your alarm clock blares at 4am?

    Crank is dark roasted in the USA. Its smooth brew with hints of sweetness gives it a piquant taste of mellow notes of sugary goodness. It's a must whether you're bright and early to start the day or stay up late in the darkness of the night grinding it out. You'll get a rush of energy from its naturally higher caffeine content. This gives you fresh focus to keep you awake and alert, day or night.

    What does a higher caffeine coffee like Crank taste like?

    CRANK: This roast is made from a special blend of beans with naturally higher caffeine content. This gives you that extra clarity with focus to help you slay the day.

    TASTE PROFILE: Smooth brew with a hint of sweetness that packs a punch with double the caffeine of your ordinary cup of coffee.

    ROAST LEVEL: Dark Roast



    Coffee beans irrespective of type can have different caffeine levels depending on the regions in which they're grown. Soil, weather, and altitude all play huge roles in shaping the attributes of a coffee bean. With that being said, one question always comes to mind when it comes to coffee: what's the highest caffeine level you could find?

    The answer is that there are several different levels and they vary between coffees due to the process used during manufacturing and processing.

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