Crank Coffee 12oz Bag

    Crank Coffee 12oz Bag

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    Unleash the power of dawn with our High Voltage Crank Dark Roast – the original champion of the Dark Horse legacy. Each 12oz bag, available in whole bean or ground, is a salute to the relentless, the hard-working, and the determined. Crank is our answer to those endless early mornings and the late-night hustles; a blend supercharged with caffeine to help you break through the barriers of fatigue. At Dark Horse, we're not just a company – we're a community with resilience in our veins. We work tirelessly, fueled by God, family, and unwavering integrity. Enjoy a cup of Crank and experience a taste that’s robust yet smooth, fiercely flavored without bitterness, and spirited yet low in acidity. It’s more than coffee – it's your trusty comrade in the trenches, ensuring you've got the vigor to tackle every challenge head-on.

    Plus, you can feel good knowing that when you choose Dark Horse Coffee Company, you're supporting an American owned business devoted to highlighting blue collar professionals, our armed forces, first responders, nurses, teachers and farmers.