Grady Judd Fuel Pod Bundle


Introducing the Grady Judd Fuel Pod Bundle – a tribute to Sheriff Grady Judd and the K9 units that courageously protect our communities. This exclusive set is more than just a caffeine kick; it's a show of support for the brave four-legged and two-legged officers keeping us safe. DONATES $15

What's in the Bundle?

  • Grady Judd Tumbler: Sip with satisfaction from our 10-ounce tumbler, adorned with the steadfast image of Sheriff Grady Judd. It’s more than a tumbler; it’s a statement.
  • Judd Java Coffee: Two 12 box Fuel Pods of Judd Java, taste the rich, bold flavor that embodies the spirit of law enforcement – vigilant, strong, and reliable.
  • Supportive Tee: Stand in solidarity wearing one of our select shirts, available in black, Heather metal, heather blue, and Heather green, each color a nod to the uniform’s dignity and valor.

Fueling More Than Your Morning: Every bundle purchase donates $15 directly to K9s for Cops, fueling law enforcement and specifically K9 units with the funds necessary to operate at their peak.

Wear your support, taste the dedication, and be a part of the force for good with every brew. This is your chance to make a difference with your morning cup – because at Dark Horse, we drink with purpose.

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Become a part of the legacy, a helping hand to the paws on the ground, with the Judd Java Coffee Bundle. It's more than coffee; it's a partnership for protection.